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A little bit random

There was hardly anything musical about this at all. It sounds like you threw something random together, recorded yourself talking and threw some effects on it.

Spend more time on your songs maybe.

afuckingname responds:

it is about the lyrics,

How Do EQ indeed.

First of all, I'd like to say that you can't place songs you submit to Newgrounds under copyright. It's already under a license. If there's one thing I hate, it's people who don't read.

And your "record label" is just you. I googled it, and it came up linking back to this song, and your myspace. So... we could've just asked you?


The first thing I'm going to nitpick at is drum samples you used. They're the initial kick snare and hat drums when FL Studio is first initialized. That's a big no-no. The reason being... so many people have used them that I am fucking sick of hearing them... ahem.. Don't mean to come of as a jerk, but I really just am saying, get ahold of some better samples... that's probably the BEST tip I can give right now.

Same with the 3xOsc organ you used. Default patch.

The originality in the melody was great though!

As far as the track title goes about representing the mix, it sure doesn't quite do a good job. I can tell you're kind of new to making music, so what I would do is start reading about mixing, perhaps even pick up a book off the net if you can.

So here's some steps to help get you in order.

1) Get better samples
2) Learn to create you own patches using a basic synthesizer (such as 3xOsc).
3) Become familiar with common terms such as LFO, subtractive synthesis, ADSR
4) Start doing some reading about how to mix
5) Get more better samples
6) Learn to use some more advanced synthesizers that incorporate other methods of synthesis, such as FM and RM.
7) More reading.

Anyways, yeah, it all comes down to having fun. But if you want to improve, sometimes you got to do the boring part and learn.

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ghook responds:


First of all re: Copyright.
I have had too many bad experiences with rip offs to not fully cover myself, and, so what if the record label is my own? I have other artists in as well. Also, I am fully within my rights to place a copyright on any original work, so you can't say I am breaking the law.

Also, that was the first song I did in FL, so excuse me for not using to much originality in the stuff, but, I hadn't got around to installing all of my drum samples. If you listen to some stuff on my myspace, you will hear changes. Same with 3osc. I have used original synth sounds in other songs.

THANKYOU for being so blunt, i will definitely think about it. The main problem with the mixing side is my speakers are crap, and my headphones have too much bass to be accurate.

Also re: making music -
My background comes from rock, and live music. I used to write a lot for live playing, and i'm still stuck in that genre.

Once again, thanks for the bluntness, it helped a lot.


Gerard Hook

EDIT: If you listen, you can hear almost all of my other drum loops use different sounds - you can't say I don't have enough, I have superdrums 8000! As for mixing, I mix live stuff, and did well before I started using FL. Enough said.


I love how you took his song and threw in your own originality. I love that patch lol.

Anyways, why are you thanking me (zellers) ?

It is pretty cool

Very well done, but I would encourage you to not use presets. The riffs were amazing! And the drums could use a little bit more power.

The "celestial" is pretty recognizable though. :P

Zekuence responds:

This beat was a for a Sytrus only tournament in where I live. But normally I use other more potential instruments.


Why the low score :(

Anyways, lately, I've been attempting this sort of style a lot. Sidechaining a supersaw playing chords is definitely my new favorite thing ever. I just love the sound it gives.

The one negative thing I will say about this is that the mix did seem a little empty. Now don't get me wrong... the buildup gives it lots of power/energy. And the pumping action makes me want to dance. But it seems like the only thing that's happening is a kick sidechaining a supersaw/lead. There's not much beyond that... you know?

The snare was also a bit hot. Perhaps dampen it a bit, or lower the volume.

But other than that, if you made this into a full length song, it would be worthy to call it another Orchestral Angels :P

TE-LK-BD-13 ???


Lol nice loop

But you stole my way of thinking ;)

All I've been making is generic dance songs titled "Generic Dance Song n" Lol.

The hats seemed a little bit hot, I would turn them down just a tad. But I love that bassline!

gregaaron89 responds:

Lol making generic stuff is fun :P You're definitely right about the hats, I'm always tempted to make them too loud. And fuck yes I love that bassline also, I'm gonna have to use that bass again (Moog Bass) or some variation of it in a future song.


yo man this is this shit. Nice work.


No point in me reviewing this lol....


You spent more than 2-3 weeks on this! lol. I remember you sent me a demo before Christmas even!

And I don't hear any clipping? Maybe it's because my ears are popped right now haha. Anyways if you want some mastering advice, I guess you should talk to nav. Apparently.... he knows what he's talking about sometimes, sometimes, he doesn't. But it couldn't hurt.

The lyrics are quite funny :P

Oh! and glad to see you back @ Newgrounds.

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Ethalyn responds:

Thanks man ;) And, yeah i sent you a very basic preview before christmas, i put it away for like 3- 4 weeks before continuing =P

Glad you liked it!

Good, but sequencing is lacking.Change it up a bit

Within the first 15 seconds, I knew this was going be epic, as soon as the pad came in. Then, as the arp synth came in. I just had to click the "write review button" :P

When the piano changed up at about :30, it REALLY, and I mean REALLY, caught my attention, and it only went uphill from there, as around :45 the other synth came in. Very catchy. However, it kinda went on for awhile over and over again, the same melody, but since it's unique, AND catchy, doesn't really matter that much.

When the drums came in, it really kind of was a little predictable, now that's not taking away from your fine mixing skills, but more-so the sequencing involved. It was just sort of generic.

The beginning (first minute) really had me excited for it, but afterwards, not much melodic change occurs, and in order to have a really nice song, you need that dynamic melody. Sure, you brought more synths in, and that helped things in respect to what I'm saying this track lacks, but it doesn't make up for it 100%.

Overall, I think the mix could've used a little bit more... umphh to it. Either a punchier kick, or crank the bass up a bit, and let the rest of your mix down, other than that, levels were pretty good, if not perfect. It's mixed for clarity, and not one synth is covered by another.

9/10 Fav'd song and downloaded. And! Congrats on top 5 :)

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syphonmax responds:

Thanks man =]

And just to let you know I've decided to work on this song ^_^

Wait for the new completely remastered version to be uploaded =]


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