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Seems really airy

You're high's a bit whispy there my son. It's very, very clean sounding though.

Kr1z responds:

Thanks bro :D


Cute melody, but first thing I would like to recommend is picing up some better samples, stock FL sample are more meant for out of the box demonstration of functionality, and are totally unprocessed...

I recommend grabbing some samples that are more heavily processed, but seeing as this is just a funny little toon, it really doesn't matter that much.

drew6464 responds:

Well, it looks like I have a lot to learn from you, haha! Your music is great.

I totally recognize a few samples :D

also you should make more music

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i r wannabe engy



Too much stereo separatoin.

IceMasterDlux responds:

Hmmm, that's the first anyone has said that.... I think! God bless!
!IceMasterDlux ><>

Sounds Like Fire Power

Give firepower a listen by Wolfgang Klassen

p4c responds:

im guessing you mean wolfgang gartner. that song rocks!! thank you haha

A few notes

Try making your own intro... I recognized VEC right away :P You'll be able to pack a lot more originality into your song with your own intro.

I think the pizz doesn't really suit the genre that much, it leaves an empty feeling, and considering it's the main lead, that's not generally a good thing. I recommend using a synth instead. Get a nice phat lead in there and instead of just playing short snappy notes, maybe hold a note and sidechain it with the kick.

The progression of the song was nice, as well as the beat (which was pretty solid I might add).

The bass was lacking a little bit of power though... Nothing a few layers and a little EQ can't fix though.

For two hours, I would say you're doing pretty good :) But take more time into fixing this up a bit :)

5/5 (just because I hate zero bombs)

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kibitz3r responds:


How stupid do you think we are?

"first time using a frikin midi file lol"

lol, this is like 9001'th time you used a midi file. All of your songs are midi rips...

2 stars for taking the time to drag a preset over.

ganon95 responds:

wow i think you must be pretty stupid.

this is the first time i ever used a midi file, true i used it a few more times after that on songs i couldn't find notes for elseware but there is no way i used it on EVERY song. original songs aren't midi and alot of them that sound like midi are me placing the notes myself.

if you think this was easy to make then try doing the same thing yourself, i used presets yes but i changed up how they sound



Slayer = cheesy

Would be cool if you had live guitar.

ninjex15009 responds:

I cant play a real guitar, i understand the slayer a bit less than desired but i dont have the time or funds.


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