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is good choice

i like plucked

Nav responds:

I do too.

4Chan is cool

was gud

You need to use some better presets than the default 3xOsc though.

redfusionD responds:

Yeah definitely agreed, thanks for the review!

Seems really airy

You're high's a bit whispy there my son. It's very, very clean sounding though.

Kr1z responds:

Thanks bro :D


Too much stereo separatoin.

IceMasterDlux responds:

Hmmm, that's the first anyone has said that.... I think! God bless!
!IceMasterDlux ><>

Sounds Like Fire Power

Give firepower a listen by Wolfgang Klassen

p4c responds:

im guessing you mean wolfgang gartner. that song rocks!! thank you haha

How stupid do you think we are?

"first time using a frikin midi file lol"

lol, this is like 9001'th time you used a midi file. All of your songs are midi rips...

2 stars for taking the time to drag a preset over.

ganon95 responds:

wow i think you must be pretty stupid.

this is the first time i ever used a midi file, true i used it a few more times after that on songs i couldn't find notes for elseware but there is no way i used it on EVERY song. original songs aren't midi and alot of them that sound like midi are me placing the notes myself.

if you think this was easy to make then try doing the same thing yourself, i used presets yes but i changed up how they sound

Slayer = cheesy

Would be cool if you had live guitar.

ninjex15009 responds:

I cant play a real guitar, i understand the slayer a bit less than desired but i dont have the time or funds.

keep trying

You'll get there. Synthesized guitars sound cheesy. And the kick drum is way too heavy, as you'd said.

I recommend you check out some tutorials on mixing, and understand the concept of sonic space.

ninjex15009 responds:

Just because its aero supremecy doesnt necessarily mean that the flight has to be faster than the speed of sound, but i'll get on those tutorials


it is good mang

i hope my review hlesps u mang

Envy responds:

sweet i'll work on that

Every single one of your songs

Sound very midi-ish. There is no originality in them what-so-ever. 4/10 for the drums, automation and delay.

I recommend you learn how to patch some synths. Trust me, your songs will sound so much better, because you can have a sound in mind, and just create it. Because I'm not going to lie, your patches don't go good together, they're presets. And the mixing is god awful. I would check out some EQ tutorials, and effective reverb etc... (after you learn how to use a simple subtractive synth).

Remember, reviews are supposed to be constructive, so I focused entirely on the negatives.... BTW, I'm a huge fan of Basshunter.


ganon95 responds:

ill have to check that out, and yes these are presets because i am having problems finding other sounds to use, everyone tells me to google sounds but i keep coming up with nothing


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