2010-08-21 00:51:41 by Steven-Polley

Hey guys, I have a remixed Sp1r1T's amazing song, CHICKEN WING!

Listen to it here! /356978


CHICKEN WING | TF2 & CSS Gaming Community

2009-03-19 23:53:50 by Steven-Polley

Check us out:


I'm leaving ng becaues this newspost doesn't have an rss... and I've waited for over a year now. | TF2 & CSS Gaming Community

Make Something Generic

2009-03-02 00:18:25 by Steven-Polley

That's right. Not necessarily something unoriginal. Just generic. It's what people like... apparently.

That's what I'ma going do for thhe ressstt of my liffe.

Yeah, I'm Considering Making a Return

2009-02-03 18:50:09 by Steven-Polley

Not 100% sure if I'm going come back to Newgrounds. One thing I have missed the past 4, (5?) months, is the community here. Although, I don't miss the judgment system :/

Places like reverbNation, and kvrAudio offer much better reviews than here, although I do recall the odd person leaving a nice review ;)

We'll see how it goes from here though.

Ever since early November, I've been working a lot with Synth Programming, and studying various common DSP effects. I'm definitely thinking of making a power-house synth soon, featuring nearly every COMMON feature imaginable, and support for FM, RM and subtractive synthesis (with several filter types to choose from). A built-in spectrogram, and I've been studying EQ's, and am thinking of somehow, integrating an EQ right into the synth. Not much for GUI has been done, or layout planning, but hopefully I'll get to it soon.